Monthly Archives: August 2015

Experimental time lapse

Playing around with creating time lapse videos. Using the rather excellent LRTimelapse software which very cleverly interfaces with LR by generating modified XMP files you can then reload into LR to apply your changes. Learnt quite a bit from this. Will definitely do a few more, taking more frequent shots to allow for slower moving […]

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Sunset from the Bergerie

Tonight’s sunset was nothing short of sublime, the range of colours and shades of varying pinkness and yellow-orange were beautiful to look at. After a hard day’s work mowing the lawn, filling the car of various bits of rubbish and going to the dump, getting a new phone to replace the last one which was […]

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Eiffel Tower at night from Trocadero

It’s been absolutely ages since I posted. Come to think of it, Freddie and Annabel have (Bec and Al’s twins) have grown quite a bit and they weren’t born last time I wrote up! It’s mainly because I’ve been working an awful lot in Paris again, designing and building QVC’s new broadcast facilities in Aubervilliers, […]

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