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After the cruisin’ automotive p0rn (still ongoing mind you, about a dozen mazzies, ferraris, the loudest ever lambo tonight….), I thought I’d try and capture something different.

In my last visit to Dubai, back in 2003, I was amazed by the place… The way things were expanding, etc. In fact, I even had the chance to visit the Burj Al Arab, and the view from the bar at the top was breathtaking (particularly at sunset!). You could also see Jumeirah Palm being built, but that was about it, it represented the “edge” of what had been done.

Fast foward 5 years and the place has just completely changed. I’m staying in Jumeirah Beach Residence which is a set of skyscrapers (30 floors +) built along the coast, after Jumeirah Palm – you can see it on google maps if you want.

Anyhow, the architecture and “city design” is very bizarre. I’m sure it looks nice from Space, but it’s certainly not the most logical and easy to follow design.

In the week I’ve been here, I’ve managed to get lost about 4-5 times, only a few hundred metres away from the front door!

Anyhow, here are a few shots of the place.

From the beach

Beach view

In the heart of it at night. Any halflife 2 players out there – this really reminds me of a spooky City 17 at night!


I think my next toy might be a PC lens. I’ve always liked the idea of taking buildings, particularly at night when they look more spectacular, but really would be nice to avoid the “tapered” look of perspective…..

A fountain


I liked the couple enjoying the sunset on the beach. A moment of peace and harmony in a city of madness and excess!


Other point I could get my head around: the demolition and repurposing of land. The building below is located on the beach front so I guess the land value is astronomical. And, as time is money and they want to demolish it, I thought the easiest, safest and by far the quickest was would be to use explosives. But no, let’s just spend 6 months with a bashing ball. I guess it’s cheaper to employ a simple worker for that time and absorb the time lost than to get in a team of demo experts

Building demolition

And yes, that is dust. I just hope there isn’t any asbestos in all that!

Final point re the knocking down of that old hotel, it’s bizarre to think that right next to it (like less than 100 metres away) are other top luxury hotels including the Ritz Carlton. Now if I were staying there and spending $$$$$$$ per night, I wouldn’t be impressed to hear a pneumatic drill, and bashing ball all day long, and the accompanying dust that goes with it

The good ol’ Burj Al Arab

Burj al Arab

The top of the building was seriously dark, a lot darker than what the photo makes it to be. The bright spots are in fact stars burning through the Dubai night haze. I find the buildings feel like miniature models and remind me of the opening scenes of the Superman movie 😀


I then decided to stroll along the beach a bit, escaping from the frantics of Lamborghinis and Ferraris terrorising the neighbourhood. Still must get a tripod :rolleyes: this was taken resting against a sea buoy with a flashing yellow beacon that went off every few seconds. Had fun trying to time a long exposure between the flashes.

Oh and that hotel being bashed to the ground, it’s centre-left. Kind of gives a surreal feeling at night, as the light penetrates through the holes. Summarises Dubai quite nicely.

beach view

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