Abby, Lucy and Molly at the park

First time out today shooting Abby, Lucy and Molly. I knew labs were pretty quick, but wow, Abby and Lucy certainly make it challenging keeping up! 😀 These were all taken just south of Basingstoke Common, parallel to the M3 motorway. It’s a great place for shooting dogs as there are wide open fields, a river at the bottom for those water shots and some woods just north of the fields on the way back. The weather mercifully held out and it was a most pleasant walk, and I just can’t believe how tireless these lovely labs are. They made me tired just looking at them!

Along our walk, we bumped into this most gorgeous dog. She’s very playful, more with other dogs than toys, but as she’s sooo big, other dogs are too scared to approach her!

But a real bundle of cuddles. She’s so sweet and even put on a few poses for us to enjoy.

Two's a crowd

Three's a party

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ribeiro cécile Superbe album Xavier, vraiment très beau.

Xavimages Merci Cécile!

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