An afternoon out with Anya and Lenny

Anya and Lenny’s parents had organised a session last Saturday week, but unfortunately, the kids weren’t feeling too well, so arranged to postpone it to yesterday. In the end, we had a great time, and I loved shooting them. They’re so different in character, and that’s quite a change from brothers and sisters I’d been shooting recently!

The weather was beautiful, and fortunately, the heat wasn’t too bad so we all had a real pleasant time outside, and it shows!

Oh and if any parents are wondering how to keep young kids laughing at weekends, I have the solution: get yourself a bubble machine – awesomely fun and the kids loved chasing after them. I often felt like joining in, and particularly Anya tried very hard to get me involved! 🙂 Bless!

Amazing bubbles

Lenny, in the meantime, was running around, chasing bubbles and bursting them.

Bubble burst!Come on, chase me!

Making bubblesBlowing for bubblesBubble in a bubble in a bubble

After the bubbles, we moved to the gardening allotment for some berry picking and getting very wet with the water trough!

Berry picking

Filling the bucket

Playing with water

Lenny, being the ever-curious explorer decided filling buckets wasn’t enough. Had to go in for a paddle!

Getting in for a paddle

And finally, no evening out in the country would be complete without Cowgirl Anya (and a bit of hat advertising!)

Cowgirl Anya

Many thanks to Ant and Hana for the afternoon fun. Oh, and before I forget, the raspberry flan tart and fruit went down very well with Béa!

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Bec Summers I love the photos – especially the one of Lenny with the bubbles popping, they’re great! The children look like they’re enjoying being photographed too!

Bec Summers

Helen Jones Lovely pics! Really like the one of Anja looking back at the camera and the one of Lenny picking berries.

Hana La Porte Thanks for a lovely afternoon, Xav. We are thrilled with the photos and can’t wait to have some up on the wall. You’ve managed to capture our kids and their different personalities brilliantly. Well done!
Many thanks again!

Xavimages Thanks Bec!

Xavimages Thank you Helen. They’re lovely kids though (despite being very different from each other!), and it certainly helps!

Xavimages Thank you for the kind feedback, Hana. I really enjoyed it too. Oh and I’ll be looking at getting one of those bubble machines myself now! 🙂

Bo Brezovská nice photos, really. :-))))

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