Alex’s farewell bowling night party

Last Saturday night was good fun, but had its moments.

First of all, the management seemed to forget to take payment when we presented our shoes, so we had to remind them. Once paid up, we wandered over to our pre-booked three lanes and started playing. My oh my, I’m really not very good at this! Although I did get a miraculous strike on my third bowl. Never done that before!

Anyway, there we were minding our own business having a great laugh when some staff person comes up and states that we hadn’t all paid for our games! Apparently, according to their system, we had only paid for 5 people per lane when we were 6. We quickly checked and confirmed that we had all paid, yet the staff seemed convinced that we hadn’t. And worse still, we were not given any receipts so there was no paper trace to prove we had all paid. Fortunately, after a bit of explaining, they finally admitted it was a mistake on their behalf and we were all set to carry on playing.

Now as we were at the far end of the lanes, there’s the small passageway against the wall that runs parallel to the last lane (which we had) that leads to a door and presumably the mechanics of all the machines at the back. I was standing at the player end, well away from the “door” which has all the “no entry” signs plastered all over it. So there I was taking some photos…


In the swing of it!
Whilst I’m standing there, the bowling manager comes along and kindly waits for me to finish taking a couple of shots and then passes by to the machine room at the back. A few minutes later, he pops back and again patiently waited for me to get out of the way. So obviously, he has no issues with me being there.

Then, the lights go off and on come the UV tubes for that atmospheric look. Apart from taking a few photos which I can’t post because they reveal a bit too much (!!), I start using the flash as it’s really dark and there’s no lighting on the bowlers. A few minutes later, some other chap comes along and abruptly states I can’t stay there. It’s reserved for staff only and I’m not allowed to be there.

Surprised by this, I keep my cool and walk back downstairs to the front desk where I was pleased to recognise the chap who I crossed earlier taking photos.

So I explain the situation, give him my business card and ask if he has any problems with me being there. I said I didn’t think there would be an issue as he didn’t say anything earlier. He did say that as long as I accept responsibility for my safety and that the management wouldn’t be liable for any injury to myself should a 10lb bowling ball come hurtling in my direction!, there was no issue. He asked me for the physical description of the other member of staff who said I wasn’t permitted to stand in the side alley and then got on the radio and “sorted it out” 😉

I returned upstairs, had a few more goes – my first game was remarkably better than the second which was, to be frank, dire! I took a few more photos from the side alley, dodging anything flying towards me and didn’t have any more issues with staff.


It just proves that keeping calm, staying polite and explaining the situation with management goes a long way to being able to take your photos. 🙂


Chin-up, Shaun, I’ve lost count 😉

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