Anya, Lenny, a flower, probiotic yogurt and the water bucket

It was in July that I took photos of Anya and Lenny playing in the local park and in the family allotment. Hana always strongly suggested that she wanted some natural candid style photos and had no real interest in studio work. This really motivated me as this area of photography has always been one I see real value with. Studio work is great, yet particularly for young children, I feel that having great photos of them in their natural environments will bring out their character more than in a studio.

After the shoot, we had a look at some of the styles of frames and mounts available (I’d brought some samples with me) and opted for a floating design mount where the prints are mounted on foam board around a deep mount giving an impression of floating in mid air.

In our discussions, Hana said that whilst she had immediately decided on one frame size and photo which she wanted in black and white, it was tough having to chose which second photo to go in a really large frame. We opted for a lightly different combination of frame and mount as I thought the standard floating mount frame would appear slightly thin compared to the size of the frame (31″ by 22″). With the decision made on the second, we went back to the first and I proposed various black and white conversions.

Anya and Lenny by the waterbucket 1
Anya and Lenny by the waterbucket 2

The frames were finished a few days ago and I was probably just as impatient as Hana and Ant to see them so picked them up on Friday so I could take them over this weekend.

The weather this morning was beautiful although rather chilly with a biting wind as I set off to Swindon. It was a struggle getting the large frame in the back of my small car, but an hour later and I arrived at their house with the two large white boxes.

As we opened up the packaging (I had already had a sneak peek at home to see what they were like!), Hana and Ant had a few tears of joy and it was a lovely, emotional moment. Anya was just as keen to have a look – “that’s a big photo of ME!”. Lenny joined in too and decided that a smaller desktop frame I’d brought was “his”.

I’d like to thank you both for your trust and asking for what you really wanted – photos of your kids being themselves, all wet and messy and all. I have loved every second of it, working with Anya and Lenny was wonderful even if Lenny is a bit “playful” at times! 🙂

P.S: Your home-made cheesecake is truly scrummy even if you claim it’s the “cheating quick and easy recipe”. The praliné choccies were even better – and Béa has officially given a double thumbs-up for both!

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