Beale Park

As I’m about to go back out to Dubai for my real job, and as the weather today was fantastic, I decided to take a few hours stroll around Beale Park. Also, I was still debating whether to take the 120-300 with me back to Dubai in case we managed to get round to doing one of those desert safaris.

I have to admit, I really do need to practice more at hand holding big telephoto lenses. As I’m typing this, my left arm is rather sore from keeing the lump of glass held up! I really need to do this more often if I’m to get the hang of it.

Beale Park is actually very nice, very kid friendly and there’s lots to see. The bird and particularly owl areas were fantastic, and I did at first underestimate the size of these night prowlers – they’re a lot bigger than I’d anticipated!

Time to feast!

Owl with chick

They also have a nice section on the more traditional farm animals, big turkeys and the like.

The other area that I found entertaining was that of the lemurs. These little fellas are real fun. Just the previous night, I’d watched Madagascar 2 and as they started playing, running around, I could almost hear King Julian crying “Move it! Move it!”

Great fun!


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