Brandenburg gates and Berlin’s Finest

After finishing work late last night, I decided to have a stroll around the Brandenburg gates in Berlin. It’s very nicely illuminated and I have to say it’s in very good condition and aestherically pleasing to look at; no black smog pollution spoiling the imposing columns.

It’s also surprisingly peaceful and I found it a rather thought-provoking experience, considering what’s happened here during the Cold War era and the Berlin Wall.
Brandenburg gates at night

On a more entertaining note, whilst out and about, I did pump into the Berlin Police, and didn’t expect what I saw. You’d think they’d be patrolling the streets, keeping an eye on things, maybe having the odd friendly chat with passers by…

Noooooo, they were out taking photographs too! And they were better equipped than I was, complete with tripod, shutter release cable and all!


I did go up to them and tried my best with “Sprache Sie Deutsch?” One of the young police offers enthusiastically, said “Ja, a little bit” – he’s the one in the middle with the big grin on his face. So I thought I’d try to have a conversation. I offered to email the policephotographer (the one kneeling down) the photo I took of them, but he didn’t seem that impressed and, what’s more, had a very scary moustache. So I decided not to push my luck as he was about twice my size, said thank you and walked away. So much for German humour I guess 😉 …

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domhnall much more friendly than our police though, ever seen their rection when you try to photograph them?

Love your photos, saw them on Briskoda and followed through to your blog. Nice to see a fellow nikon user on Briskoda


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