Castle Combe Cookies

Going through last week’s photos, and picking out the better candid shots, here are a couple more I rather like. It’s wonderful to be able to capture stories, and then tell them through some photos.

Boys like fast cars, it’s a known fact. Ladies are far more refined; need to be comfortable, look cool and enjoy good, tasty cookies. That’s much more important than appreciating the smell of burning rubber and fried clutches…

So it was late afternoon, we’ve been out all day since early morning, and although the weather had been amazingly pleasant and beautiful (I’ve been blessed with a lobster-coloured tinge all this week!), the sun had started to go down and it was getting a little chilly. Not only that, but it was a good few hours since we last ate…

I'm cold and I want a cookie

First things first, get wrapped up! Ok, I’ll admit it’s not on properly, but it gives the style that makes the wind go away! Trendy, but hungry, still!

Thanks for the jumper, Mum

That’s all fine and well looking cool, but tummy was still calling. Unfortunately, Mum had been distracted too. Not a problem, all we needed was a little improvisation.

I know there’s some food in here somewhere!

Don't worry Mum, I'll get it myself

At last, jumper fully on and food in my hands. Bon appetit!

Mmmm. Cookie!

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