Cholsey Balloon Festival 2014

It had been ages since Béa and I did any ballooning, so it was great when we learnt that Mike was organising a charity fundraiser in Cholsey, just south of Wallingford last Saturday.

We weren’t too sure if we’d do much flying and how many people would turn up. A good friend of Béa’s was very keen to see balloons up close and get a flight if possible so we couldn’t say no and just hoped the weather would hold out.

In the end, it was a fabulous afternoon. There were far more people that turned up than I had expected, and it’s great to see such a popular fundraising event bring such a crowd.

The afternoon started off with some tethering and a few launches. Josh and Mike organised two tethers (where the balloons are attached to vehicles to prevent them flying off) but with enough slack in the ropes to get a few metres airborne.

We arranged it for kids to get free flights and what an overwhelming success.

In the end, we did launch around 10 balloons in the air, and I helped the retrieve of Josh Taylor’s balloon – we didn’t go very far as the wind had dropped by the time we got up in the air.

As night fell, we packed up the retrieve and came back for more festivities and had a night glow going with a few balloons.

A big thanks and round of applause to Michael’s event. It was a great success, covered in the news here, and an all round superb afternoon where over £1500 was raised.

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