Dot’s 60th Birthday Party

Dot. 50 family and friends. Hilton hotel, Basingstoke. One big surprise birthday party.

As is sometimes the case with surprise parties, I didn’t know the lovely lady who’s party it was as it was all a bit secret! Kim, Dot’s daughter, asked me to photograph the suprise party and it had truly been kept as a surprise. The whole strategy was planned in advance: as Kim picked up Dot and brought her to the hotel, the phone call to check we’re all ready was perfectly timed and we all stood shushing ourselves as the excitement built for the door opening.

As Dot walked through the door, “Surprise! Happy Birthday!” roared around the room, and it was lovely to see genuine surprise and hapiness. It was a truly emotional moment everyone will cherish for years.

Happy birthday, my dear. I wish you all the best.

All of the photos can be viewed here. (opens in a new window)

A quick mention should go to the staff at the Hilton, particularly Katie, the barman and hotel staff for organising a lovely evening. The food was great (I did eventually cave in to the lovely snacks at hand!). And thanks to Javier for the quick peek into the room on Friday.

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