Dubai's automotive bling

well, I’ve been in Dubai for the last week with work. I’m staying at the Jumeira Beach Residence in an appartment (in an effort to save money) and have to admit it’s a rather trendy area with “The Walk” promenade by the sea right next door.

Anyway, it’s clear that Dubai has changed so much since I was here last 5 years ago. It was very posh and materialistic then, but now, blingness has evovled to an all new high. In fact it’s so bling that having an “ordinary” car will make you stand out!

Of course, as everyone here is a millionaire, what better way to show it off than a slow drive by along the promenade, windows wound down, casually looking at all the beautiful women sitting in the restaurants nearby, trying to get their attention.

So without further ado, here’s a shortlist (bearing in mind this is just [b]two[/b] nights’ worth of photos!)

Starting off with a nice lil’ Corvette


Now let’s have a Cayenne Turbo


Don’t want the Turbo variety, but something a little sportier? No problem! I give you a GTS

Cayenne GTS

Something more luxurious? Sure thing!


Want something more continental and a little heart? What about a prancing horse?


Oh, so you want something of a puky colour, yet still Italian? How about this Lambo?


Ahh, you didn’t like that colour? But you still want bling? Hmmmm. OK, pulling the rabbit out of the hat now 😀 I give you not one, but two gold plated / anodised Lexuses


Other highlights, if you can’t quite fork out that dosh but still wish to mingle with the rich boys, nothing a pair of neons can’t do 😉


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