Evening view of the Erasmus bridge, Rotterdam

This was my first visit of Rotterdam. I’d been to Amsterdam several times before, mainly for the IBC trade show, but this year, we had a corporate kick-off event in Rotterdam a few days earlier.

To be honest, I didn’t think much of Rotterdam. Architecturally, there’s not that much worth seeing, and Amsterdam is far more pittoresque than its other sibling.

However, one thing Rotterdam has is the Erasmus bridge stretching over the river Maas. And it’s quite striking!

We were staying at the Inntel hotel which has a great conference room at the top, with a balcony stretching out over the edge of the building. It was a little scary peeking through the drainage holes in the floor to see the 16 floor drop right below your feet!

But the views over Rotterdam and the Erasmus bridge were quite something.

This first shot was taking at the very end of the day. I wish I had taken another more to the right at the time, but still loved the way you have the deep blue sky from the sun beyond the horizon combining with the city lights below.

Erasmus bridge, Rotterdam

Later on in the evening, I took another few photos and here’s one a bit more to the right with the road leading up to Erasmusbrug.

Unfortunately, the clouds had arrived by that time so I’d lost the deep blue or rather black night sky and have the reflected light coming back down giving the dark brown look. I did play around with the colour temperature, bringing it down a bit to give a cooler look, but it didn’t quite gel together, so left it as how it was shot.

Erasmus bridge, Rotterdam

Those shots were 6 and 5 second exposures and both were “hand held”, braced and supported by the handrail going round the ledge of the balcony. I can’t remember the last time I was so scared holding a camera, ensuring I didn’t let it go, making it plunge to its certain death.

I might get these enlarged – seeing them on a blogsite just doesn’t give them justice.

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