It's my birthday!

Well, it was yesterday!

Had a nice night out at Bar Zar. It’s a rather trendy place in Madinat Jumeirah where, on Tuesdays, you get 5 drinks for 80 Dirhams which is a bargain compared to normal drinks prices out here in the desert!

The burger was very good, as was the, ahem, “company”.

I’m getting to love this 85mm f/1.4 + D700 combination. The high ISO and the light gathering capabilities of this lens gives you magic and stealth because it’s all with the (available) natural light. So no one notices you taking photos. And I like that very much!


In fact, talking about girls, just as I was taking some dodgy handheld landscape shots, one from a group came up to me and asked if I took photos. I did explain it was not my full time job, alas, but was always keen to photograph stuff I find interesting. A few seconds later, here’s the best I could come up with 🙂


She said, or at least I understood here saying that she managed and organised events, and asked if I’d be interested in taking some shots. Of course! I’d love to! was my reply. With that, I texted her my website address and she said she’d be in touch.

Never heard from her again!

Shortly after, we left, and I took just a few more shots. The one below shows the Bar Zar’s outside area where the group of girls approached me.

Balcony view

Then one from the other side of the hotel, overlooking the marina with the Burj al Arab in the background


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