Lugano in the snow

Yesterday, we decided to go into work, despite having a beautiful sunny day. I even left without a proper jacket. Our team office is in a basement with no windows, so we don’t see the time go by. Come out in the afternoon and that lovely winter sun has long been and gone and replaced by a thin layer of snow!

So it wasn’t very surprising when we woke up this morning from a good night’s rest to find the Swiss mountains covered in snow. Not only that, but we’re also right in the clouds so visibility was pretty poor. Nonetheless, we decided to take a trip out with our trusty Golf hire car.

First stop, the Alprose chocolate factory, museum, and more importantly, shop!

Hywel, Charles and I were like kids in a candy shop (ok, so we were), but the choice is great, and the pricing is rather good once you go hunting for those special offers and promotional bundles.

We then continued on our travels, momentarily driving into Italy then back again. The weather was still rather overcast but we were below the clouds and the views were lovely as we drove around the coastline and eventually back into Lugano over the long bridge joining Bissone to Melide which has the “local” road we were on, the railway and the motorway.

After a brief pause for a late lunch, we decided to head off to Mount Brè. We went there two weeks ago, but there was no snow and we fancied a little adventure in a hire care not equipped with snow chains 😀

As we paused for a bit by the terrasse of Ristorante Vetta to take a few more photos and enjoy the peace and quiet, we realised how noisy it actually was.

At the top of Mount Brè, we walked over to the funicular station which to my surprise was still running even though we didn’t see anyone at the top of the mountain.

On the way down, we stopped by a hairpin for a few very late afternoon views. The light was dropping giving a dramatic eery pale blue cast to the opposite mountain and lake below.

Oh and we bought a tiny bit of chocolate to take back home 😀

In a vertical configuration… 😀

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