Lugano, Switzerland

I’m out working in Lugano now, a small town in southern Switzerland, about an hour away from Milan, and it’s lovely. Autumn is in full swing and not only are the colours gorgeous but snow is now on the mountain tops.
Last week, I stayed in a small motel just outside of Lugano, and whilst functional and practical (only a few minutes drive away from work), it was hardly pittoresque. My room neighbours were also rather, err, “noisy” too!

This week, we’ve moved out to the hotel Cadro Panoramica. And as its name suggests, the view is breathtaking. We’re yet to enjoy the view in daytime as by the time we get back from work, it’s already dark, but the city lights are ever present below.

The actual flight from Zurich to Lugano is also great fun – a Saab 2000 twin turboprop affair, complete with nosedive landings! I still can’t figure out whether the nosedive is a characteristic of the plane or a requirement of Lugano airport: land to early and you’re in the drink, land too late and you’ll have crashed into the mountain side! Proper seat of your pants stuff!

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