More cats – Nat’s cats

As Nat’s enjoying a break away from home, Bea and I pop over to give the cats some fresh food and spend a bit of time with them.

Gripsy, a lovely long-haired ginger coloured cat who’s normally very cuddly didn’t like me very much 🙁 Maybe it was the camera and big lens that put him off, I don’t know. Last time, he was so affectionate. But this time…

and as I came closer to give him a cuddle…

Meanwhile, BĂ©a put out some fresh food and Sophie helped herself. After a quick snack, she reverted to spying out the back window.

Juliette was staying upstairs as she doesn’t get on too well with the other two. Took us a good few minutes to find her, she’s small and loves hiding in cupboards! Her eyes were captivating though.

Finally, once Sophie left her window sill, Gripsy was quick to take the spot. I still think he doesn’t like me anymore 🙁

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