As it’s Easter weekend, all of us humans enjoy our easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. But our cat doesn’t appreciate the finesse of Lindt chocolate. So a bit of catnip had to do. And she (Moumoune, the cat) just goes wild.

All we did was rub a tiny bit of catnip on the top of her scratching post. The result? Well…..

Actually, this was also an opportunity to play with the video movie modes of the D3s. I’m appreciating the quality you can get, particularly when using large aperture, shallow depth of field lenses. Certainly gives that cinema look! However, it also means focus tracking is tricky as the autofocus system only works if in a particular mode and it’s not that snappy. So I need to practice manual focus more!

The full resolution of the clip can be downloaded here (warning: 9MB h.264 mp4 file!)

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