Nature close up

Several months ago, I bought the Nikkor 105mm VR Micro lens which does true 1:1 macro and I’ve hardly used it. I initially justified its purchase for ring shots or weddings – although it’s a pretty weak alibi considering I don’t really shoot many weddings!

However, I did bring it along with me to France with the firm intention of using it even if no wedding rings are in sight!

In the end, I did take many photos – I used it for the panorama as I wanted a fixed focal length for my first attempts at trying to do panos properly. The last thing I wanted would be my clumsy fingers altering the focal length of a zoom lens half way through taking all the photos! I also managed to get some close ups of various things nature. It’s certainly made me realise how much detail can be found just by looking, and the geometric and fractal patterns which are often out there and go unnoticed.

First up, a small section of a tree trunk. I opted for a black and white version as there wasn’t much colour and preferred the slightly more dramatic quality with B&W

Moving on to a still living tree, I loved the almost pattern like imagery of the cracks in the bark. The different types of lichen growing were all unique in their own way and I particularly liked the high contrast white type towards the bottom, I think it’s Lecanora rupicola. If you happen to know what it is, please drop me an email and I’ll confirm or correct 🙂

One particular tree had a lot of ants furiously marching up and down. I found it surprisingly difficult to get a good shot of an ant moving at speed! With the very small area covered clos up, you don’t have a lot of time, and the narrow depth of field makes focus a little tricky; focusing on the tree bark is too far back and would be behind the ant as it walks past. Below was probably one of my better attempts. I was intruiged by the slightly shiny coloured strip around the middle of the rear gaster section.

Eight legged friend with eight eyes staring out! Not exactly the friendliest of looking spiders with its spikey hairy legs!

Then, a stroke of luck. A butterfly paused against a tree and stayed there long enough to give me a change to take a few snaps. I reckon it didn’t move as its camouflage was pretty effective. From a distance, you couldn’t really see it at all from certain angles. Or maybe it was the morning sun. The lighting is just natural sunlight, and it was probably just basking to warm up a little. I’ve had a quick search on the internet but cannot find what species it is. If you know what it is, please drop me an email.

I’ll get onto the pano next 🙂

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