Nicola and Alex’s wedding

It had been some time since I’d been to a wedding purely as a guest and so it was very refreshing to go along and actually enjoy a wedding for once! And enjoy it, we did!

The Service in Risca was lovely, and the Reception at the Green Meadow Country Club was delightful, but more importantly, Nicola and Alex looked like the happiest people on earth. 🙂

The Ceremony was covered by a group of professional photographers and I made a concious effort to stay well out of their way – there’s nothing more fustrating than having someone peering over your shoulder trying to take a few snaps whilst you’re working at producing the best photography you can!

But once they had finished doing a great job, I couldn’t resist and brought out the camera for a few snaps.



Little Nathan was lovely and so happy – he’s always giving a thumbs up


In fact, it was contagious, Micael was soon at it too!


Nicola and Alex taking us in for the Wedding Lunch


Cutting of the cake. It was delicious!


I even had an assistant towards the end of the evening. Nathan was doing a pretty good job considering the D3s + 1.4 lens isn’t exactly a light combination!


Thanks again to Nicola and Alex for inviting us, it was a priviledge to be there on this special day.

I have uploaded the photos to a gallery:

Those in the know will no doubt be able to work out the password. If you don’t, just drop me an email 🙂

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