Orla, greyhound photoshoot

Although I’ve taken many photos of dogs in the past, I’ve never really attempted to take photos of running dogs. OK, that’s a small lie, I did once take a nice shot of a friend’s Labs running in water. But greyhounds, even when retired, run at a hell of a rate of knots!

Alex and Nicola fell in love with Orla, a greyhound (part greyhound – I think she has some Staff in her too), and gave her a new home, and after some time regaining trust in us human folk, has turned into a lovely adorable pooch. The only thing to watch out really is her tail which, when happy, can turn an accidental cause of pain, and she’s nicknaked “whippy” 🙂

Here she is

However, once “launched”, it’s quite something to try to take photos of. Also, as she’s getting on a bit, we can’t keep her sprinting for minutes, so this was very much a first trial.

Here are a few of the good ones.

In full flight

Some of the expressions you get on a fast freeze frame are a bit scary!

But you do get to see her incredibly muscular physiology. I was amazed when Alex said she topped the scales at around 33kg.

However, after the minute of running, she’s quite contempt and rather happy – if a little out of breath.

This reminds me that I never posted a report of my trip to the Guide Dogs Training School after visint ghte Guide Dogs’ National Breeding Centre. I really must get round to doing that and so apologies if you’ve been patiently waiting. I’ll get round to it in the next week or two.

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