Out to the park

Went out to the park this afternoon to take some photos of Nathan. And what a scream it was. Boy he never stops running; and keeping up with him wasn’t an easy task 😉

Nevertheless, did take quite a few shots. I had hoped the afternoon sun would give some really nice light, and it proved trickier than I had anticipated.

And as we were talking back to the car, a wasp decided to have a go at me and stung me twice 🙁 It wasn’t the most pleasant experience and I wasn’t too sure whether I was allergic or not… It looks like I don’t have any big problems though and apart from an itch and a tiny bit of swelling, it’s now dieing down and I can hardly feel it.

Anyway, here are a few of Nathan. Many thanks to Karen and Dan for letting me post these 🙂

Nathan 1

Tomorrow's footballing legend?

Nathan 2

Nathan 3


Nathan 4


Nathan 5

Chillin' out back home

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