Parents' permission – Child + Fountain + Light at JBR Walk

Between the Hilton and Sheraton hotels along “The Walk” at Jumeirah Beach Residence, there is this foutain area where water shoots straight out from the ground up to just under a metre high. There are small halogen uplighters buried into the ground which gives wonderful natural “white water” looking fountains.

This grabs kids’ attention and they always end up splashing around in them, often to their parents’ fustration!

Although I’m getting more comfortable taking photos of candids, I’m always worried someone will snap. The issue is even greater with children and unfortunately, nowadays, as soon as you’re seen taking photos of children, you’re branded a paedophile….

So, tonight was an effort to take a few whilst asking for their parent’s permission. As a kid was playing around, and his mother was standing by, I went up to her and introduced myself. I asked here if I could take a photo of her child playing in the water and she said yes. I handed over my business card and offered to send her the photo if she emailed me with her contact details.

I then took the shot.

Then she asked me when was I available for more photo shoots, and added on the end “maybe not tonight, but thank you and I’ll let you know”. This surprised me a little as I had already taken the photo of her kid.

A few moments later, she walked away with her younger baby in her arms. But the kid I took a photo of didn’t move, he was still playing around in the fountain.

Still confused, I waited a little more then saw another kid appear from the other direction with the same coloured T-shirt as the one splashing around in the fountain. Shortly behind him, two adults, a man and a woman also with another child in their arms.

It was at this point I realised that the photo I had taken was not the child of the woman I spoke to but a child of the second family who were behind and I hadn’t seen them!

Needless to say, as I had already taken the photo, I didn’t go up to his real parents and ask if I could take a shot of their son playing in the water.

Live and learn……….

child playing in water

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