Wildlife in China – Swans, pandas and peacocks

I was able to take some time off work today in China and spent the day taking photos of some local wildlife.

First off, some black swans at the lake near the hotel I was staying on the outskirts of Chengdu, in the Sichuan region.

Black swan

At one end of the lake, there’s a rather large fountain spraying out water as if it was rain. No doubt very refreshing for those in the water!

Black swan having a shower

Peacocks are always great to see. However, I’ve rarley seen them in a more natural habitat. Here, it was in open grounds in the middle of Chengdu’s Panda research center. I guess peacocks get along fine with pandas!


The little chicks though are very cute, and strangely enough, don’t resemble the mother at all in their early days!

Peacock chick basking in the sun

Finally, we didn’t get see any pandas. It was terribly hot and they prefer the cooler environments of the shade. The red pandas were out however, although it looked like they were suffering from the heat too.

Red panda chewing bamboo
All in all, a great day and I hope to go back for more soon! A huge thanks to Yu for showing me around and giving me the chance to play with Nikon’s awesome 600mm f/4 VR lens 🙂

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