Yevnig’s yummy cakes

It’s been a while since I last updated the blog, and that’s not because I’ve not been busy – on the contrary, so much going on as well as working in Paris has meant that I left the website behind a bit.

So here’s a tasty update – Yevnig’s cakes.

I’ve known Yevnig (and Ian and their two lovely boys) for a few years know and have often been round to cover the boys’ birthday parties along with the occasional portrait photo shoot.

This time, it was different, and a bit of new field of photography for me: product photography of some lovely food.

And those in the know will say just how tricky it can be getting the lighting right, making them scream “Eat me!”. After a few attempts at placing a normal speedlight off camera right with a small reflector to the left to bounce some light back, we were off.


Next up, something a little smaller and fruitier. Stawberry smothered with a lovely chocolate sauce on a chocolate sponge cake. Perfect accompanyment to an afternoon cup of coffee or tea.

As well as the small cakes, Yevnig’s also doing some larger two or three-tier cakes. This one looked seriously good, so here it is along with the other ones.

Yevnig will soon be launching her website, and I’ll post an update here when it’s up and running so you’ll soon be able to sample these delightful delicacies for real!

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